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RASS LANGUAGE is committed to the development of children’s English education materials for over 15 years.  We firmly believe that SOUNDS form the basis for all language learning.  Our name RASS stands for Reading as Art and Science of Sounds. Based on the premise that “Listening/Speaking driving Reading/Writing”, our publications are imbuded with chants, songs, stories and animation to facilitate easy learning. We have developed our own Talking iPEN which is a “point to read” device supporting all our titles. Our publications are grouped into 3 main series covering Phonics, Sight Words and Readers, plus other learning materials such as dictionary and Putonghua.


Development Plan

To upgrade the learning experience, we have introduced the i-Pen in cooperation with top technology company as our strategic partner. This new product is fun and easy to use. Apart from helping students to listen, its recording function can also help them to speak. This unique combination will create a competitive edge against similar products. Moreover, the i-Pen can only work with original printed materials, thereby effectively preventing pirating acts. We also plan to develop “iSPEAK” series, which is a new series of audio books based on stories and supplemented by poems, songs and chants. All stories will carry drama scripts, making it easy for teachers to use the books to conduct Readers Theatre in class or even make them into drama productions for the stage. All books will come with i-Pen, audio CD, animated DVD and power point for teacher's use.


Plan for Future

The main obstacle with students learning English in Asia is the lack of a cultural environment to support the learning. Textbooks and story books are often detached from real life and fail to generate interest among students. It is recognized that READING is key to learning English but schools cannot find the right stuff. Foreign materials do not have local relevance while local materials do not deliver native English standard. In very near future, we will co-operate with a famous children’s English magazine for their high quality contents. The inclusion of an i-Pen in the subscription will create added value and unique product benefit. The iSPEAK magazine works for both teachers and students. Teachers do not need to worry about the constant search for suitable reading materials. They can rely on these monthly titles to provide regular reading for their students outside the classroom. Students will not be forced to read educational readers which may not interest them. They can read a magazine with contents related to day-to-day life happening around them. Moreover, its content has been suitably localized along the same style and direction, poems, stories and games are fun for every reader. Nowadays, most parents highly concern about “Early Education”, so we set up the “Family Club” for the parents with age 0-3, 3-6 children. The club provides selective reading and learning materials, sharing teaching methods among our members. All in all, we believe that learning begins since the baby was born. It takes place everywhere and all the time. It should be fun, full of happiness.

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