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To return or refund the products, please contact with rasslanguage.com by emails and must be within 3 days after receiving the items. Customer can return the rasslanguage.com authorized products only after the confirmation of rasslanguage.com.

Return will not be accepted if the customer does not contact with rasslanguage.com in advance, or later than 3 days after receiving the items.



The delivery cost of return or refund is borne by customers.

Company reasons:
Delivery of products and merchandise ordering are different (mistakenly delivery).
The delivery cost of return or refund is borne by rasslanguage.com.

Please be sure all the mistakenly delivery products return to rasslanguage.com
returned in the original packaging, including any accessories. If one product is missing, rasslanguage.com will not proceed the return.

In the following cases, the return and refund will not be accepted.
1. After the arrival of products, customer dose not contact with rasslanguage.com by email within three days.
2. Products have been opened.
3. Discounted products.

Customer wants to exchange products, please contact rasslanguage.com in advance. If the exchange products are in short supply, and to stop selling, and so cannot be sent, the purchase price of products will be refunded to customer.

Return Methods: Customer sends the return products with the Return and Refund Contact Invoice to a RASS Language.

After the return products arrive in rasslanguage.com and have confirmed by rasslanguage.com, we will send the exchange products within 5 working days. If customer sends the return products without attaching the Return and Refund Contact Invoice, the handling procedures may be delayed.


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