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Q & A

1.      Do I need to install any programs after purchasing the iPEN?

iPEN The iPEN has included the files of all our published titles, you can enjoy using iPEN without installing extra programs by yourself.

Can I use the same iPEN for reading the coming books from RASS Language?

Yes, for the iPEN version of the coming books of Rass Language, you can use the same iPEN to read. Just download the latest sound files from our website.

What are the buttons on the iPEN for?

+/- button is for volume control. M button is for pausing, press the button again to continue. The power button is for switching on and off.

When I use the iPEN, I find the iPEN reads randomly. Why?

iPEN Our iPEN can read more than 1000 cards, 100 books and also 100 stickers, you must let the iPEN know which books/cards/pages it is reading. Remember to tap the book cover and “GO” on each page when you use the iPEN to read the books, and tap the corresponding position on the control card when listening to the songs or stories.

5.     Why is there no response when I use the IPEN to read?

There are several reasons:
A. It is out of battery. Please charge or change the batteries.
B. It is out of order. It needs repairs.
C. It is still loading. Please wait for a while until the red light goes out. 

Is there any warranty for IPEN? What can I do if it needs repair service?

We provide 1-year warranty for the iPEN. Just contact us when it needs repair service.  

Can the iPEN read books from other publisher?

Our iPEN can only read our published titles and our titles could not be read by the pens from other publisher or company.

8.     What can I do with the USB wire of the iPEN?

iPEN You can use it to transfer downloaded sound files to the iPEN. Also, you can transfer the recorded files from the iPEN to your computer.

9.     Can I connect the iPEN with earphones or speakers?

Yes, you can connect the iPEN with earphones or speakers.

How long can a record sticker record?

It depends on the memory card of the iPEN, but not the sticker. We have a 16GB memory card in our iPEN. Only 8GB was used for recording the published books and cards. You can still have around 8GB to download new sound files of coming books and also record stickers.

Can the record stickers re-record?

Yes, the record stickers are re-recordable.

How long do the batteries last for?

It depends on the quality of the batteries you use and the volume.

13.  If the books get wet or are torn off, can they still be read by iPEN?

Yes, the iPEN can still read the books even the books are torn off. If the books get wet, the IPEN can still read them after they are dried.

14.  Can I use the dictionary with my iPen?

You can directly use the dictionary if you are using blue iPen with white cap. If you are using the blue iPen with yellow cap, you may download the file to upgrade(Click Here). Or come to our office to upgrade your iPen (Booking in advance), 30 HKD administration fee will be charged. To upgrade the red iPen with the dictionary function, 120 HKD will be charged. This function is not available to yellow iPen.  

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