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Read-to-Know (10 Books 10 DVD )


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Age & Info

Special Features
  • Learning 220 common sight words through everyday scenes
  • 220 sight words cover 75% children's English reading titles
  • Children can read English story books in 3 months by spending 3 minutes a day on this sight word learning material
Product Information

Why should children learn Sight Words?

  • Sight Words is a key factor to assist children read fluently.
  • Sight Words and Phonics helps to build up children's ability to read independently.
  • Sight Words helps to overcome the irregular limits of Phonics, so that children can speak as they read, which helps them to build up the foundation of spelling in later years.
  • Learning can be more meaningful when Sight Words are combined with sentences and scenes.


5 levels in total; Book A and Book B for each level









(Level 1)
Comics Fun
Learning Sight Words through interesting comics

Picture Dictionary
More vocabulary from the comics; easy to read

(Level 1)
Review and Exercises
Exercise for evaluation

Chant and Circle
Review Sight Word with chants

(Level 3)


 (Level 5)

Audible Poster
Includes all 220 Sight Word



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