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iPEN Phonics Jumbo Pack + 送 RASS Picture Dictionary



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Age & Info

Special Features
  • Learn 300 + 800 vocabulary
  • Designed according to children development
  • Extra 172+200 cards
Product Information

A comprehensive learning plan 

To build up Phonics concepts

To accelerate reading and spelling skills













1A&1B:The Alphabet

Introduce 26 alphabets and 52 related vocabulary

26 Chapters, each chapter includes 3-4 activities

1. Trace the Letter:The shapes and directions along with the CD help the kids to learn the letters by tracing letter shapes.
2. Chant with Me:Chant with beats and melodies to help kids learn to read easily.
3. Color Fun:The letter shape coloring exercises help the kids to reinforce the impression of the letter shapes.
4. Circle the Letters:More exercise for letters recognition.




2A&2BThe Consonants

Introduce 21 Consonants, and the relation to the alphabets

21 Chapters each chapter includes 3 activities

1. Point and Say:Pointing with rhythm, memorizing the sound and printing of words.
2. Drawing Fun:Simple exercises for consolidation and assessing learning outcome.
3. Chant with Me:Practice the phonics rules with chants and rhymes.



3A&3B:The Short Vowels

Introduce 5 Short Vowels

5 Chapters for a,e,i,o,u, each includes:

A. Pronunciation
1. Point and Say:Children point to the letters and the pictures, and try to say the sounds and words.
2. Drawing Fun:Simple exercises for consolidation and assessing learning outcome.
3. Chant with Me:Practice the sound of short vowels by chants and rhymes.

B. Blending PracticeIntroduce 3 word families for each short vowel, and work with the consonants they've learnt on book 2, then put word families into short sentences.

C. Sing with MeChildren sing and rhyme, and practise the sound they've learned.


4A&4B:The Short Vowel Word Families and Consonant Blends
33 Short Vowel Word Families    16 Consonant Blends

5A&5B:The Vowel Pairs and Consonant Digraphs
23 Vowel Pairs     26 Consonant Digraphs    

6A&6B:The Split Vowel Pairs, Special Vowel Pairs and R-Controlled Vowels
20 Split Vowel Pairs    9 Special Vowel Pairs    14 R-Controlled Vowels 


Chant with Me 
Practice the phonics rules with chants and rhymes


Rhyming Fun / Chanting Fun
Chant with beats and melodies to help kids learn to read easily

Point and Say / Point and Rhyme / Point and Chant 
Follow the rhythm, point to the letters and say the words.

Rhyme with Me / Sing with Me
Traditional rhymes with lovely illustrations help kids practice the sounds and words


Circling and matching activities provide more practice for kids to reinforce learning and are great for assessment too


Look What I've Learned
A complete word families list of all words that students have learned


- Double-sided 
- Look and read




Audible Poster
Summary of learnt vocabulary


Teacher's Manual


More Learning Resource (go to "Download" on our website) 

Phonics Box User Guide

Phonics Kids Teacher's Manual

THE ONLY iPEN in the market that is compatible!
with over 100 learning materials, and the list keeps growing!


POINT to the best learning way      
 FIND OUT what they say

  • Talk instantly when pointed to; Real person speech

  • Fun and Playful; Whole new learning experience

  • Learning by unlimited point and listen

  • Instant record/play function for simulated learning

  • Bilingual (English - Mandarin) iPEN dictionary




iPEN Books

.Phonics Kids Set 1(6 Books/3 Posters)
.Phonics Kids Set 2(6 Books/3 Posters)
.Read-to-know(10 Books/1 Poster)
.High Five(12 Books)
.High Five-to-Go(200 cards)
.Flip Flap to Look(2 Books)
.Sing-to-Talk + Story-for-Bed(2 Books)
.Baby Reader(12 Books)
.Dear ABC(2 Books/3 Posters/Puzzle)
.ABC Reader(6 Books/2 Puzzles)
.Sing Sing Together(6 Books/7 8 Game Cards)
.RASS Picture Dictionary(1 Books)
.220 Sight Words Picture Cards(320 Cards/5 Posters)
.95 Dolch Nouns Picture Cards(96 Cards/3 Posters)

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