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RASS Pinyin for Children Cards (96 cards+4 posters)

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Special Features
  • Recited by teacher from Beijing Normal University
  • Content includes 6 Simple Vowels, 23 Consonants, 9 Compound Vowels, 9 Nasal Vowels and 16 Blends
  • Multiple learning; covered all aspects; all in one with 5 senses
Product Information

Just a tap to learn Mandarin

Rass Language Beijing Normal University

Make different combinations of pinyin with the consonant, vowel and the 4-tones cards.

* Double-sided printing


24 Vowels


23 Consonants


23 Example Card
The matching of consonant and vowel, and the related vocabulary


Hints for matching the cards


Make the combination

16 Blends


16 4-Tones Card
Use the cards to mark the tone


5 4-Tones Song Card


3 Game Card
Play the game with iPEN



4 Audible Posters

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