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預售- 預估 12月尾旬發貨- Finger Sound Books -Go! Finger Phonics Level 1 + Level 2

預售預估 12月尾旬發貨 
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Special Features Learn English in pictorials
Move finger to get sounds

Product Information

Adopts the latest finger pressing technology to produce book pages laden with pressure points corresponding to pre-recorded sounds. These two books will help learners acquire the rules of matching spelling patterns to underlying sounds systematically through a large collection of words. Book 1 consists of 5 vowels and 21 consonant letters while. It is particularly important for young English learners to master the basic skills of matching letters to known sounds, spelling words from given sounds and sounding out with written words.


Go! Finger Phonics Level 1

Go! Finger Phonics Level 2


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