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Child Talks in English (6Books + 6DVD)

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Special Features
  • 8 themes; 156 daily scenarios
  • Simple and commonly-used conversations with illustrations
  • Start talking in English in the early stage
  • Conversations in normal speed with American accent
Product Information

Easy to learn English Listening and Speaking with your little kid



Listening and speaking are very important in language acquisition. Sometimes we may find it hard to get what native speakers said when English is not our mother tongue, but this could be improved by massive listening input, and those input gives the foundation of speaking in the following stage.

To learn a language is much easier with the help of pictures and animations, and much efficient by linking words and their sounds.


6 books:

  • Yum ! Yum ! (Food)
  • Daily Care (Clothes, Transportation, Getting Sick)
  • Good Manners
  • Learning Fun! (Education)
  • Play Time! (Playing Indoors)
  • Fun Time! (Playing Outdoors)


   Daily Life Situation  Common Use Dialogues Child Talks 
Yum!Yum!  26  105  9
Daily Care   33  145  7
Good Manners  32  139  9
Learning Fun!  23  111  8
Play Time!   23  107  8
Fun Time! 29  121  8




Easy and fun way to learn conversations


Teacher's Guide





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