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Four Word Gospel Poem ( 1 book + 1 DVD + 1 CD )


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Special Features
  • Uses the Chinese four-character poems and rhymns to clearly illustrate the essence of Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament
  • Consists of 24 rhymes, each with 8 clauses
  • Uses fluent rhythms to help beginners to learn, understand, and memorize the core value of the Bible.
Product Information

          Bible Rhymes for Children

 Unconventional approach,
distinctive Gospel Poem to understand the Bible




Sing, Read and Music

2 versions of 1 song
48 Songs in total with both traditional and unconventional styles (all recorded in CD)

Exquisite Illustrated Poem


Recited in Cantonese (Traditional Chinese)

Instant Recording/Playback
Record your voice


Recited in Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)


Audible Posters
2 posters include 24 songs of the old and new testament


Launch the multiple senses learning of children with animation DVD which they can watch and sing along.



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