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RASS Pinyin for Children Mini Set (4 books+ 4 CD+ 4 posters)


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Special Features
  • Recited by teacher from Beijing Normal University
  • Content includes 6 Simple Vowels, 23 Consonants, 9 Compound Vowels, 9 Nasal Vowels and 16 Blends
  • Multiple learning; covered all aspects; all in one with 5 senses 
 Product Information

Just a tap to learn Mandarin

Rass Language X Beijing Normal University


Book 1

Simple Vowels: a o e   i u ü
Consonants: b p m f   d t n l  

Book 2
Consonants: g k h   j q x   zh ch sh r   z c s   y w
Book 3 Compound Vowels: ai ei ui   ao ou iu   ie üe er
Book 4

Nasal Vowels : an en in un ün
ang eng ing ong

Catchy Chants
12 chants with music and beats, children can easily follow to speak and memorize


Multiple Learning
Learning with chants and fun activities


(Book 1)
Letter Tracing

4 Tones Practice
Practise 4 tones of different combinations step by step


(Book 2)
Read Aloud Pinyin
The method of combining consonants and vowels


(Book 3)
Related Vocabulary 
Beneficial to the whole learning of Chinese


 (Book 4)
Fun Activities
Learn by doing

Record/Playback Function
Encourage children to speak up by recording their voices, and improve the pronunciations by listening repeatedly

Review Exercise
Revision for reinforcing the understanding of learnt knowledge



4 Audible Posters

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