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Sight Word Card iPEN Pack

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Age & Info 

 ( iPEN + 416 Cards + 5DVD + 8 Posters ) **Aged 2 - 6

Special Features
  • Illustrates the word with images; stimulates the brain coordination at a time
  • Children can read easily after learning 220 sight words and 95 high frequency nouns
  • Edge-cut and hole punch design, easy to organise
Product Information


Able to read 75% of children literature  
when you know all these high frequency words




Leveled with 5 colours
220 Sight Words are divided in 5 levels and labelled with 5 colours. Find more exercise of each levels in <Read-to-know>.



Words with Pictures
Words are shown with images so that children can understand the meaning more effectively.


Sentence examples for Dolch Nouns
Giving the sentence example of the word help children to understand the syntax and semantics of the word. Not only knowing the word, but also learning how to use it in sentences.



Sentence Structure Card
Learning sentence structures with sight words.



Poem and Song Card
Boost up the learning effect with rhymes.



Game Card
Interactive way to learn sight words.




Let’s Play Quiz Card
Fun quiz game for revision. 



All In One
Easy for revision and play the quiz game with iPEN,



Audible Poster
All in one double-sided poster


Animation for more sight word learning

More Learning Resource (go to "Download" on our website)
220 Sight Word Learning Manual


THE ONLY iPEN in the market that is compatible!
with over 100 learning materials, and the list keeps growing!


POINT to the best learning way      
 FIND OUT what they say

  • Talk instantly when pointed to; Real person speech

  • Fun and Playful; Whole new learning experience

  • Learning by unlimited point and listen

  • Instant record/play function for simulated learning

  • Bilingual (English - Mandarin) iPEN dictionary




iPEN Books

.Phonics Kids Set 1(6 Books/3 Posters)
.Phonics Kids Set 2(6 Books/3 Posters)
.Read-to-know(10 Books/1 Poster)
.High Five(12 Books)
.High Five-to-Go(200 cards)
.Flip Flap to Look(2 Books)
.Sing-to-Talk + Story-for-Bed(2 Books)
.Baby Reader(12 Books)
.Dear ABC(2 Books/3 Posters/Puzzle)
.ABC Reader(6 Books/2 Puzzles)
.Sing Sing Together(6 Books/7 8 Game Cards)
.RASS Picture Dictionary(1 Books)
.220 Sight Words Picture Cards(320 Cards/5 Posters)
.95 Dolch Nouns Picture Cards(96 Cards/3 Posters)
.iPEN Dictionary Card
.Recording Stickers(300 sets)
.Four-Word Gospel Poem(1 Book/2 Posters)
.Go Readers Level 1-5 (30 Books)
.Go Phonics Level 1 + Workbook (2 Books)
.Go Phonics Level 2 + Workbook (2 Books)
.Go Phonics Level 3A+3B + Workbook (3 Books)
.Go Phonics Level 4 + Workbook (2 Books)
.Speak Now (4 Books + 120 Flash Cards )
.RASS Pinyin for Children(4 Books/4 Posters)

Coming Soon...
.Phonics Kids 3
.RASS Science Reader
.RASS Stories
.RASS Musical
.36 Knowledge Reader


iPEN Accessories
Memory card 
Drawstring Bag
Hand Strap
Dictionary Card



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